Welcome to the Busterbot blog and thanks for checking it out! The team here really appreciates it. My name is Holden and I'm the founder/creator of Busterbot. We wanted to create this blog to keep everyone up to date with news, release tutorials, and show you what's going on here at Busterbot.


Energy and persistence conquer all things.
Benjamin Franklin

Busterbot was created last year as part of a side project when my office was thinking about different ways to motivate employees. Every day we all came into the office, sometimes grabbed some coffee or breakfast, but spent the rest of the day staring at computer screens. It is the just the nature of software development and design agencies. I kept reading different articles about how moving around once an hour, or taking short mental breaks keeps you motivated so we wanted to mix that in to our daily workflow.


Spending time once an hour doing burpies, pushups, situps, or planks may not sound fun, but it's what ended up throwing some variety into the workspace and giving everyone a little bit of energy (and sometimes a good laugh). Busterbot helped us with that. It calls out a random number of people on the messaging application Slack to do something. We chose exercises, but it can be anything. It could be a few minutes of yoga, a walk around the office, or a snack break. Whatever keeps you motivated and energized.

I love to hear about how different companies utilize the app and keep their employees happy. Sign up for a Busterbot account at https://busterbot.io, give it a shot with your office, and send over your stories or thoughts to holden@busterbot.io.

We'll keep posting here, so look out for new stories! Thanks for reading.

Holden - Founder @ Busterbot

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